How to Shop for Diamonds Online With No Worries

Time and time again, you’ve heard avid shoppers wax poetic about the merits of shopping online. What else could be more easy and convenient than just sitting in front of your computer and leisurely browsing through several websites looking for everything from 對戒 the best brand of deodorant to the finest diamond jewelry? Now imagine yourself traipsing from store to store at the local mall then having to drive a long distance home and then ask yourself what would you rather do?

To say that online shopping saves us gas money and from having to get tired walking around and around in circles is an understatement. Shopping for one item can be tiring enough, what more if you had to shop for tons of items or even one very important item like the perfect diamond engagement ring for your lady love? Rather than be blinded by all that sparkle, most people these days with no time to spare simply plunk themselves down in front of their laptops, whip out their credit cards and start browsing.

And since it can be quite a challenge to shop for the best diamond jewelry, being able to get instant input from online product reviews, customer testimonials and price comparison sites certainly beats having to ask a store manager for his opinion on the diamond ring you want to give your fiancée and it turns out that he’s a bitter old man who got dumped at the altar.

Despite the fact that online shopping has become commonplace for most, there are still some who are hesitant about dealing with the unknown and unseen and would rather much brave traffic and crowds than fall victim to some online scam. For one, online retailers are the forefront of innovation and quality and have in fact, been responsible for the GIA certificates becoming the standard for high-quality diamonds.

The last thing that online diamond merchants will do is pull off something unsavory and ruin their business for good. However, that doesn’t mean that there are those who won’t try to get away with something, which is why I’ve put together these tips on how to safely shop for diamonds online with no worries. These tips can also be applied when shopping for diamonds in brick and mortar stores as well for your safety.

The first thing to note is that you shouldn’t pay in full for the diamond before it arrives in the retailer’s stock. The logic behind this is if the retailer asks you to pay in full, that means that they don’t have enough working capital to support your purchase and chances are, you may not get the diamond that you actually purchased but something with lower quality and more flaws.

Another downside to paying in full is the fact that if the diamond you ordered gets lost in transit, or something else goes wrong, you won’t be refunded immediately.

Most of the problems people who buy diamonds online encounter, are mostly brought about by lack of communication and confirmation with the retailer. So when you do order your stones, make sure you communicate clearly about deadlines, budget requirements and expectations of the diamond such as it having no black marks, etc.

When paying for the diamond, make sure you use your credit card. Credit card companies offer their clients lots of protection. Whatever your reasons may be, if you find that you are not happy with your purchase, it didn’t arrive as expected, or you didn’t receive it altogether, you can file a dispute with the credit card company who will do the necessary investigation and refund your money. Just make sure you file your disputes within the specified timeframes to get the results you want.

The next step may be pretty obvious but always check if the diamond you want is in stock or not. If it is, this is good news because it means the retailer owns the diamond and therefore, can promise you faster delivery, longer return time, the possibility of an upgrade and detailed information on the diamond.

If the diamond you want is showing as “listed” or in consignment, this means that your retailer is a middleman between you and the manufacturer or wholesaler. While diamonds on consignment can mean you pay a lower price, you can’t have it delivered immediately and there’s a shorter return time. Also, if you have it returned, it can mean additional costs because it has to be re-shipped to the manufacturer or wholesaler. To avoid this, check the websites for a clear distinction between what they have in stock and what they don’t.

And lastly, always do your research on the retailers. It pays to know exactly who you are dealing with so if you want to be safe, you can do a background and financial check on the retailers by using companies like ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments) or Dun and Bradstreet for example to be able to know for sure that you are dealing with a legitimate business.

Check as well for delivery insurance, as well as shipping and return costs to ensure you know all the costs involved as well as the money that can be returned to you should anything go wrong during transit and if you want to return your purchase.

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