1959: Born in the village of Kobar, in the West Bank, Palestine.

1974: Joins Fatah Party, the Palestinian National Liberation Movement, aged 15.

1978: Arrested for the first time for belonging to Fatah.

1980’s: Founder of Fatah Youth Organisation.

1984: Elected President of the Birzeit University Council of Students.

1987: Banished to Jordan. Member of the High Level Committee for the 1st Intifada.

1989: Elected member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, aged 30.

1994: Returns to Palestine following the Oslo agreements, and is elected Fatah’s Secretary general for the West Bank.

1996: Elected in the first elections of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

2000: Outbreak of the 2nd Intifada. Marwan Barghouthi plays a leading role.

2002: Abducted by Israeli occupation forces from Ramallah. First Member of Parliament to be arrested by Israel.

2004: After having refused to recognise any legitimacy to the the Occupation courts, especially to judge an elected representative of the Palestinian people, he is sentenced to 5 life sentences and 40 years in prison.

2006: Heads Fatah list in the general elections whilst in an Israeli jail, and is reelected Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

2006: Elaboration of the Prisoners’ Document for national unity, co-signed by leaders of all political factions.

2009: Elected Member of the Fatah’s Central Committee.