Tunisian Quartet nobel peace prize

The Tunisian quartet, Nobel peace prize laureate, dedicated their prize to Marwan Barghouthi

The Tunisian Quartet, who were granted the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, have decided, in an unprecedented signal of support to the Palestinian struggle and its symbol Marwan Barghouthi, to dedicate their prize to the imprisoned Palestinian leader and icon. During an event organised at the occasion of the Palestinian Land day, the President of the Tunisian Human rights league, one of the recipient of the prize, has offered the prize on behalf of the quartet to Fadwa Barghouthi, wife of Marwan Barghouthi and co-founder of the international campaign to free Marwan Barghouthi and all Palestinian prisoners alongside the anti-apartheid icon Ahmad Kathrada. During a visit of a high level Palestinian delegation to Tunisia composed of Fadwa Barghouthi, Issa Qaraqe’, head of the PLO prisoners Commission and Qaddura Fares, Head of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society, the Tunisian people, parliament and government expressed their support to the international campaign to free Marwan and all Palestinian prisoners. Meetings were held with the Tunisian President, the Tunisian Parliament and with trade unions and civil society organisations, as well as public events in several Tunisian cities.