Prominent Moroccan parliamentarians and Organisations nominate Marwan for Nobel Prize

Prominent organisations and members of the Moroccan parliament, representing diverse political parties, nominated Marwan Barghouti for the Nobel Peace Prize. This is the 7th nomination of Marwan in 7 months. The signatories include Mehdi Bensaid, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and National Defence Committee, the Moroccan Organisation for Human rights and Anfass democratic movement which took the initiative of drafting the nomination letter and garnering support for it. The letter of nomination stated that Marwan Barghouti, “is a leading political figure and a Palestinian political prisoner in the Israeli jails fighting for the independence of the State of Palestine” and praised the importance of granting Barghouthi a Noble Peace Prize as an “elected parliamentarian defending democracy, human rights, political pluralism, and co-existence”.

In parallel, Rachid Rokbane, the leader of the Democratic Progress parliamentary bloc in Morocco and member of the Executive bureau of the party of Progress and Socialism has called on behalf of his group for a nomination of Marwan for the Nobel Peace Prize by the Moroccan Parliament. Progress and Socialism, which is part of the governmental coalition, holds five Ministerial portfolios in the current government. The party leader has sent letters to his counterparts from other parliamentary blocs, and to the Chairs of both houses of Parliament, as well as to the Prime Minister to urge them to endorse such a nomination which would hold major significance and constitute an important support to the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and their just cause.