Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Tunisian General Labour Union joins the Campaign for the freedom of Marwan and all Palestinian prisoners

The Tunisian General Labour Union, which was awarded last year the Nobel Peace Prize, has announced at the occasion of the Land day its decision to join the International Campaign to Free Marwan Barghouthi and all Palestinian prisoners. The General Labour Union issued a statement declaring that the dire situation in Tunisia had prevented it from joining the campaign earlier and its intention to now deploy all efforts in support of the international campaign for the freedom of the symbol Marwan Barghouthi and all Palestinian prisoners and of the Palestinian cause. It called all national and international organisations and other trade unions around the world to join the Campaign. 9 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates have declared their support to the international campaign, including former President Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


On Land Day

On March 30, 1976, Palestinians marched against an Israeli decision to expropriate 2,000 hectares of land as a part of a plan to “Judaise the Galilee”. 

The Palestinian “Land Day” constituted a major act of collective civil disobedience against the dispossession of the Palestinians of their lands and rights since the Nakba in 1948. 6 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli repression of these protests.