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Leading Belgian parliamentarians nominate Marwan to Nobel Prize

17 May 2016 – Leading Belgian Members of Parliament from across the political spectrum in both the House of Representatives and the Senate have announced their nomination of Marwan Barghouthi for the Nobel Peace Prize. This is the first European nomination of Marwan for the Prize. The signatories of the letter of nomination included Gwenaëlle Grovonius, President of the bilateral section BelgiumPalestine of the Belgian group to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Dirk Vandermaelen, President of the External Relations Committee, Vincent Van Quickenborne, President of the Social Affairs Committee, Jean-Marc Delizée, President of the Economic Committee, Benoit Hellings, Vice-President of the National Defence Committee, and Senators Piet De Bruyn and Nadia El Yousfi. The letter of nomination states “Marwan is an elected representative of the Palestinian nation, and was the first parliamentarian to be arrested…He is a democrat defending Human rights, notably women rights. He was actively engaged in the promotion of political and religious pluralism, and as such he is an important actor for the future of a region more fragmented than ever” The Belgian parliamentarians insist that granting Marwan the Nobel Prize would help Palestinian freedom and unity but would also constitute a support to the two-state solution on 1967 borders and peace.