How Can I Help

Sign the Robben Island Declaration

The Robben Island Declaration constitutes the founding text of the Campaign. Help us to make history by signing this document and encouraging others to sign- individuals, organisations and prominent figures in society.

Organise events in support of the Campaign

Help us by organizing events in order to promote awareness, advocate on behalf of the Palestinian prisoners and gather support for their release.

Call on elected representatives and government officials to take a stance

There are many ways you can ask your elected officials to support the campaign. Successful initiatives so far have included:

  • Adoption of resolutions by local, national and international Parliaments
  • Initiation of trips and fact finding missions to see the situation of the Palestinian prisoners first-hand
  • Formulation and promotion of parliamentary questions to government officials
  • Urging of governments to issue statements, exert pressure and take clear stances in support of the release of the prisoners and the upholding of their rights in the meantime.