Citations de Marwan

“If the price for our people’s freedom is my own, I am ready to pay that price”.

“The last day in the life of the occupation will be the first day of peace in the region”.

“We know victory awaits us, as the aspiration for freedom in our hearts is stronger than hatred in the hearts of the occupier and colonial power”.

“When others speak of universal values, human rights and international law, we embody, through our struggle, these principles and defend them bearing great sacrifices. But the will of oppressed peoples can not, and will not, be defeated”.

“There can not be on one hand colonization and occupation and on the other peace and security, this is an illusion the Israeli government wants to promote, as occupation and peace are incompatible”.

“While I, and the Fatah movement to which I belong, strongly oppose attacks and the targeting of civilians inside Israel, our future neighbor, I reserve the right to protect myself, to resist the Israeli occupation of my country and to fight for my freedom. If Palestinians are expected to negotiate under occupation, then Israel must be expected to negotiate as we resist that occupation”.

“When asked on which side you stand, always choose the side of freedom and dignity against oppression, of human rights against negation of rights, of peace and coexistence against occupation and apartheid. This is the only way to serve the cause of peace and to act for the advancement of humanity”.

“Freedom is not negotiable. The liberation of our prisoners is unconditional, and the freedom of our people is inevitable”.

“National Unity is the law and condition of victory for oppressed peoples”

“You do not defeat your enemy by resembling him. As we face this colonial and racist system that spreads violence, segregation, annexation and oppression, we must defend a pluralistic vision, respectful of international law and human rights, which can achieve freedom, peace and coexistence”.

“You have dedicated your life to ensure freedom and dignity, justice and reconciliation, peace and coexistence can prevail. Many now honour your struggle in their speeches. In Palestine, we promise to pursue the quest for our common values, and to honour your struggle not only through words, but by dedicating our lives to the same goals. Freedom dear Madiba, shall prevail, and you contributed tremendously in making this belief a certainty. Rest in Peace, and may God bless your unconquerable soul.”